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Quasa bounty youtube

What isQuasa? This is an innovative service that enables you to solve all the logistics difficulties. In online mode, you can order literally in two or three clicks and completely organize any transportation. With the help of Quasa, transportation is more convenient and simple than ever before. For the lowest price all possible problems are sorted - with document circulation, possible legal nuances and many other unpredictable surprises. The application takes place in few minutes, while the process is not complicated, all steps are intuitively clear.

Really low prices of Quasa became possible due to innovative methods of working with the Internet. Wholesale contracts are chosen from the lowest tariffs, intermediaries between the executor and consignors are eliminated. Automatic selection of the most suitable carrier and replacement of labor managers and smart IT-solution allow to keep the final prices almost unattainable for other companies that operate in similar industry.

Quasa service is created to help with quickly and qualitatively cargo delivery to all over Russia as well as over the world. All types of transport are available - whether it is an airplane, a train, a sea container or road transport. If the delivery is chosen by rail, then the railway transportation calculator will enable you to calculate the cost, select the carrier and make the order the fastest and in most convenient way.

The system works quite simply and clearly. You create an order, which indicates all the necessary data, automatic search will find the optimal routes and prices, then you need to choose a convenient type of transport and start filling out the electronic application, after that the system will select the appropriate carrier for your requirements with the available transport. All documentary support is going via the Internet, so you dont even need to leave your home. Notifications of cargo status come in the same way online, via SMS or e-mail. Quasa is a modern and comfortable solution for all transportation problems!

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Ньюсмейкер: Quasa
Сайт: www.quasa.io
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